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When it comes to selling your home, first impressions are important. Your front yard needs to make your potential buyers feel intrigued, not overwhelmed. Here are 5 front yard landscaping tips to help you get your yard looking its best. Begin with shrubs. When you first start selecting shrubs for your yard, start with evergreens. These types of shrubs are usually low maintenance, easily trimmed, and can fit just about anywhere. They also stay full and green year-round. Boxwoods make great foundation plants and it is easy to add them to beds and borders. Consider perennials. Having flowering plants that come back year after year can ensure that you always have some color in your yard. Fragrant and colorful, roses are a great way to bring a little romance to your yard. While there are many rose varieties that appeal to buyers, some are hardier than others. Be sure to pick a climbing or shrub variety to suit the area you are planting. Keep in mind that roses require specific fertilizing and pruning. Azaleas or hydrangeas are other excellent choices for those looking for a flowering bush. Their big, colorful blooms are incredibly eye-catching. In a recent survey, 78 percent of prospective homebuyers surveyed prefer a house with these popular summer blooms outside because they are fairly easy to grow. Hydrangeas, on the other hand, can be helpful in hiding unsightly foundations. Hello, hostas. If you need to line a walkway or cover a bare spot, hosta will likely be your go-to plant. Hostas thrive in shade and come in a wide variety of leaf colors. Hostas are hardy, easy-to-maintain, and not difficult to split, making them an ideal plant for any landscaping upgrade. Add planters. Don’t have anywhere to plant? Consider putting planters, flower boxes, or other types of containers near your front door or walkway. Add colorful annuals or small shrubs to the planters to create an arrangement that is complementary to the style of your home. Be sure to edge. It is easy for your lawn to become overgrown and begin to grow over your driveway and walkways. If you let the grass continually overgrown, the soil in your yard shifts slightly and brings the top layer of grass along with it. Before long, it can be difficult to tell where your driveway or path begins and your yard ends. You can prevent this from happening by regularly edging your yard. Trim the grass and cut away any shifting soil from the edge of your pathway or driveway. You can find a special edging tool at your local hardware store. Keep it simple. Remember, buyers are looking for landscaping that is attractive but also easy to maintain. Keep your landscaping choices simple and avoid using shrubs or plants that are very difficult to care for. Thinking of selling your home? Contact us at (781) 762-6732 to get a free analysis!


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