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Winter driving in Massachusetts can come with many risks. Although ice, snow, wind, glare, and traffic can make driving tricky, there are several ways drivers can prepare themselves for winter driving in Massachusetts.

Make sure your car is prepared. Your car should always be in good working order, but the change of season is a great time to double-check that everything is up to snuff. Before setting out in bad weather, top off your car’s windshield wiper fluid, and make sure your antifreeze is fresh. Consider taking your car to a trusted mechanic for a tune-up and oil change, especially if you plan on traveling further than usual.

You will also want to double-check your car’s tires, battery, and headlights. It is not uncommon for tire pressure and battery power to drop with the temperature, and there is nothing worse than having a dead battery or flat tire in the bitter cold! Have a trusted mechanic check your battery and/or charging system, and have them make any necessary repairs or replacements. If you have a hybrid-electric vehicle, keep gasoline in the tank to support the gasoline engine. Properly working headlights will make seeing at night or during a storm safer and make your vehicle more visible to other cars on the road. You may also want to consider increasing your auto insurance during the winter if you think you will have to drive more frequently during the winter months. A representative at Zammito Insurance can help you decide exactly what type of coverage will suit your needs.

Keep extra supplies on hand. Accidents can happen, even if you and your vehicle are prepared. Packing a few extra supplies in your car can help ensure that you do not get caught out in the weather if help is not close by. Make sure your car is stocked with blankets, flashlights, jumper cables, water, and flares or emergency lights. You should also keep a stocked first aid kit in your car year-round. Even if you do not end up needing any of the extra items in your car, they could be used to help someone else in need on the road. For post-snow storm driving, make sure you keep sunglasses in your car to avoid sun glare.

Practice good driving while behind the wheel. When winter conditions make driving extra challenging, it is even more important that you follow the rules of the road. Avoid using your cell phone while driving, and do not allow yourself to be distracted by other distractors like food, the radio, pets, or other passengers. Avoid hitting the gas or brake suddenly as that can cause your car to slide if the conditions are slippery. Be sure not to tailgate and give other vehicles on the road plenty of space - snow and ice will make it more difficult to stop. Leave yourself extra time for your commute and never speed during wintry conditions.

If the weather is really bad, stay put. If the driving conditions are very poor, consider staying home. Your safety is paramount, so listen to weather and driving reports before setting out to drive in less than ideal conditions.

Zammito Insurance is always available to answer your questions regarding auto insurance as well as business, home, and renter's insurance. Give us a call at (781) 762-6732 to find out more.


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